Monday, April 20, 2009

Will it ever warm up?

Oh, how I wish it was warm enough to start planting outside!

I've got lots and lots of plants that I've started indoors that are just begging for me to transplant them to outside but it still gets too cold at night to do so yet.

I really went overboard this year. I guess it's because I've got the time on my hands being unemployed and all. Gotta keep busy somehow. This is a list of the seedlings I've started inside:

25 geraniums
5 lupin
17 cosmos
10 pentas
11 snapdragons
3 four o'clocks
5 delphiniums
10 rudbeckia
9 osteospermums
34 shockwave petunias
17 salvia
5 shasta daisies
14 asters
5 catchfly
5 coneflowers
8 dahlias
12 wild flax
21 zinnias
19 petunias
7 nasturtium
2 zucchini
5 mini belle peppers

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