Sunday, July 10, 2005

Wall repair and electrical work

We decided our first priority would be to finish a number of projects before we would move in. We wanted to fix all the walls -- fill in cracks and sand. It was astounding to see the lack of quality in previous occupants’ handiwork. Sometimes while sanding the walls, we would find holes that were patched with scotch tape and paint. Often, nails would be hammered in and painted over. In the kitchens, our predecessors had painted over grease-spattered walls.

In addition, we needed a lot more electrical outlets installed. There were only eleven outlets in the upstairs unit. We added seven new outlets upstairs, including 220 wiring for the electric stove. Downstairs, we added five. We were so blessed to have my friend’s father, a retired electrician, to do this work with us. It was quite a gift, as much of the work had to be done from the attic and it was a very hot July. I served as the electrician’s assistant, and I learned a lot. But my most important function was to keep Mr. Hutchinson hydrated. He is the same vintage as the house.

Plus, check this out. There was a bathroom fan AND the switch for it installed inside the shower. How's that for shocking?

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